Marketing Specialists on Tap

When you just need a temporary set of helping hands.

At Certainty Marketing we recognise growing businesses sometimes need a short-term boost to their business growth – which is where our Marketing Specialists on Tap come in!

Our Marketing specialists are available as Interims (senior marketers working operationally within your business on a fixed-term contract) or Marketing Temps (adding resource by working on short-term projects).

Our Interims offer pragmatic solutions from an independent viewpoint. As well as their experience, they bring their active networks and contacts to create more opportunities for growth.Typical Interims’ projects last between 6 and 24 months, and for SMEs are mostly provided on a part-time basis (from 1 to 3 days a week). Plus they can help recruit the right permanent replacement as your business grows. To find out more about what our Interims can do for your business, click here to visit our Specialists on Tap website.

Cert_Rec_ContactAlternatively, through our sister company Certainty Recruitment, we can supply Marketing Temps, who typically work in more junior operational roles, eg as social media
specialists or supporting a marketing team. They can be available on a full or part-time basis, for projects that usually last three to six months. Click here to visit Certainty Recruitment.

Boost your business growth with our Specialists on Tap! Contact us to find out more.

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