Think you know your target audience?

I’ve just been reading a very interesting opinion piece in Campaign about how all sides are getting it wrong in trying to communicate with the ‘yoof’ of today in the Referendum¬†#VoteyMcVoteFace, and how not to reach the youth of today.

It’s another example of what we see on a regular basis – a concept, product or service being sold in the way the seller thinks their prospective buyer wants to be sold to. And 9 times out of 10 it will be wrong. Simply because our own views and opinions always create bias, because we look for evidence and feedback that supports our existing beliefs and expectations.

Market research is a vital tool, but when it’s done in-house, the questions/topics being researched will be biased by what the seller wants to know about their product or service. This is particularly evident in smaller businesses, who have limited resources which they prefer to use at the later end of a sales cycle (rather than ‘wasting’ money on finding out what their prospects actually want right from the start).

Whereas using an external researcher removes the bias – we will ask questions that get real world answers. And is you use researchers with a specialism in behavioural analysis, we will also be able to select the prospective buyers who are most likely to buy.

Allowing you to focus your marketing spend on genuine prospects with an active – current – interest in what you have to sell. Increasing your sales to sold ratios, whilst reducing the time required for your sales cycle.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you to get to know your target audience as they truly are!


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