It’s all about choice – but whose?

I’m writing this post after an unsuccessful attempt at buying on-line. I knew what I wanted to buy. I got as far as adding the items to the basket. But when I tried to search for another item I wanted to buy, the website kept forcing its own recommendations on me – which I didn’t want. End result? I left the website without buying anything – an opportunity cost of £60 to that website!

This is an on-line shop I visit often. If it had our algorithm, it would start by recognising me and what I’ve already bought (which most on-line store sites are capable of doing already). But the difference would be that it would NOT force me to through pages that are the store’s choice to view what the site’s programmers think I should be looking at. Neither would it divert me to pages when I’m trying to get to the checkout. And best of all, it would not show adverts that are completely irrelevant to my buying patterns.

I can hear the sellers out there shouting at me already! Advertising is necessary to show the buyer what they could have or what they don’t yet know they want. But why waste money on advertising that shouts at a ‘buyer’ who has no interest. If you want to sell to me, take the time to get to know what I want – not what you think I want!

I’m an intelligent buyer. But I’m also an emotional one. I will do my research (to keep the logical brain happy) but I am also attracted to aspects that hit the emotional buttons. And those emotional aspects will include the negative ones of irritation, anger and frustration when software gets in the way of what I want to do.

Big data combined with knowledge of human behaviours means sellers do have the means to truly understand their individual buyers’ wants, needs and dislikes – and present the information that matches the buyers’ timing. Too many sellers rely on their own beliefs and expectations of what their buyers will do – without asking their target audience what they would like to do.

Change the selling mindset – and give your customers the products and service THEY say THEY want! Then they’ll come back for more….. and more…… and more…….

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