Training……. previously

As a business, we’ve been around since 2001, so here’s a glimpse into some of the training programmes we’ve designed and delivered previously (and still do!).

Marketing Mentoring and Coaching

Working one-to-one with business owners, our specialist Marketing Mentors advise and guide individuals to develop their own sales and marketing solutions to grow their business. Every session is customisable; for example, concentrating on the components to develop an effective marketing strategy, including the Marketing Mix, Market Research, Product Development or Sales Channels. Alternatively sessions focus on a particular support need, such as adding a Social Media Strategy or reviewing sales processes to enable repeat sales and/or turning customers into referral advocates.

Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™

Launched in 2007, the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ was a radically new approach to nurturing and establishing new entrepreneurs in business. It starts with 5 days’ ‘total immersion’, combining workshops with “in the field” assignments. These range from being put through your paces by the Royal Marines or facing millionaires’ business challenges. These 5 days are designed to stretch individuals to their limit to identify latent strengths and weaknesses (whilst being supported by a qualified psychologist to ensure individuals are not stressed beyond their limits!). For those who survived, the reward is a year of mentoring and support from business practitioners to accelerate the new venture’s growth.

Bootcamp in a Box®

The Entrepreneurs Bootcamp™ is learning and development at a regional scale. All of the support elements come from the local business community, which encourages continuing support as the new ventures grow and contribute to the local economy. But if you want this on a smaller scale, we have Bootcamp in a Box®: a multi-sensory learning experience that companies use to generate business development skills in their staff. Starting with personality profiling, participants combine workshops with mentoring and networking sessions to hone their abilities to spot potential sales and profitable ideas.

Energising Business Masterclasses™

Our original Energising Business Masterclasses™ were designed to blend different methods of teaching, coaching & mentoring to guarantee faster learning, which could be applied immediately into each learner’s business context.

Each programme comprised 5 x half-day workshops (usually delivered 3-4 weeks apart), interspersed with podcasts and videos, providing the learner with additional background knowledge. Every participant was also supported with five coaching sessions (three delivered on-line via Skype and two carried out face to face) to focus attention on how best to apply their newly honed skills into their own work practices. Finally, every learner received a ‘Best Practice’ manual with additional guidance and tips, plus plenty of space to make their own notes as they work through the workshops and coaching sessions.

Psychometric Assessment & Profiling (MBTI®)

Working in partnership with Pragmatic Performance Management (PPM), we can supply senior/executive level personal development programmes, including psychometric testing for individuals and teams to enhance leadership skills and business strategy.